A Beginning

I will be 70 years old in several weeks and I never even heard of the word BLOG until about 5 years ago. Now I am a blogger! A Cup of Joe was something I did when I arrived at The Blade in the summer of 2004. I asked all Blade management employees to come to a meeting and I handed out large coffee cups with A Cup of Joe printed on the side. It was my way of starting the discourse about how to set this grand lady of a newspaper on a course for recovery while maintaining the superior quality of its news content. I run the business side of The Blade and it is my responsibilty to insure the wherewithal to publish the best content available with the most talented editorial personnel. The newsroom at The Blade headed by Kurt Franck, executive editor, reports directly to John Robinson Block, Editor in Chief and Publisher. I report up to his brother Allan Block, Chairman of The Blade. But we are all a team dedicated to publishing one of America’s Great Newspapers!

My attempt at social media will be to talk about The Blade, what we’re all about; the challenges, the victories and the future. I will also blog on about things that interest me like the Toledo Fire and Rescue department, local government, economic development, and on.

But you must understand from the beginning my blog is my blog. It represents my thoughts and opinions. It does NOT represent the opinions of the Blade, its owners, directors or shareholders. It is not news. No blog is news. News come from the minds and fingers of talented reporters and editors in news departments. Bloggers are just another big way to spout off. Not all bloggers are accurate. Some blogs intentionally spew stupid hurtful diatribes that are best left to die somewhere in the cosmos.

My hope is to spur on some debate, have some fun and be constructive. I have been in this business since I was 10 years old working at our family newspaper in Pottsville, PA. I have been in some sort of management role at a newspaper since around 1974. I have seen it all from hot lead pages of type and fingernails caked with ink to golf shirt wearing computer geeks publishing the newspaper in the clouds.

So join with me, it should be fun, sometimes irritating and hopefully productive.

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9 Responses to A Beginning

  1. Brad says:

    Looking forward to following all of the stories you’ll tell.

  2. B.S. says:

    Joe: I enjoyed your initial post – I look forward to reading more. . .or I’ll just leave my office door open and listen.

  3. Jared Bean says:

    Joe, you definitely need to include some of your classic Zerbey rants if this thing is to take off. Miss you here in York.

  4. phil Ferrara says:

    don’t ask Joe to teach your kid how to drive!

  5. Bryan Kelley says:

    Great read Joe! You’ll put “Around Town” of Bristol Press fame to shame. And thankfully, Keegan can’t spike you. Ha! In all seriousness, it’s about time you got back to sharing your world according to Joe. These damn kids publishing in the cloud and from the twitters need an ink transfusion! Happy blogging my friend. BK.

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